General Agriculture One Liner Part 39

# Most destructive disease of sugarcane is is Red rot of sugarcane.


# Potatoes are borne on  Stolon.


# Potato tubers are a modified form of  Stem.


# Sowing of sugarcane in trench method is helpful to prevent from Lodging.


# For seed purpose carrot is grown as Biennial.


# Boron is harmful to plants when concentration is More than 3 ppm.


# Which crop has maximum productivity among the cereals is Maize.


# Kaolin is a type of anti-Transpirants is Reflecting type.


# Cycocel (CCC) is a Growth retardants.


# Family of sesame is Pedaliaceae.


# Family of jute is Tilliaceae.


# Exhaustive family of crops is Graminae.


# Origin of maize is Mexico.

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