General Agriculture One Liner Part 38

# Crop which has highest K+ up take is Potato.


# The low pressure area near the equator called as Doldrums/1TCZ.


# Triacontanol is a growth stimulant obtains from Leaves of Lucerne.


# Origin of soybean is China.


# Origin of tobacco is Mexico.


# State having highest area under summer maize is Bihar.


# Indian Journal of Agriculture Sciences is published by  ICAR.


# Atmospheric pressure always decreases with Altitude.


# Horizontal heat transfers from warmer area to cooler area, the effect is known as Cloth line effect.


# In which effect vertical heat transfers from warmer to cooler crop area is Oasis effect.


# Die back of shoots occur due to deficiency of Copper.


# Occurrence of grey spots on leaves is due to deficiency of Manganese (Mn).

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