General Agriculture One Liner Part 36

# Etawah project was launched in is 1948.


# Appetite is source of is phosphorus and chlorine.


# Chlorosis of leaves is occur due to is N deficiency.


# First hybrid of cotton was developed in is India.


# Average height of plant is calculated by Arithmetic mean.


# Inflorescence of sugarcane is known as is Arrow.


# Inflorescence of rice is known as is Pinnacle.


# Crop grown for fiber and oil is Linseed.


# Oil % in soybean is 20%.


# Olsen’s method is used to determine is Available Phosphorus in soil.


# Carbon present in organic matter is 58%.


# C:N ratio in arable soil 10:1.


# Chemical formula of Urea Fertilizer is NH2-CO-NH2.


# Loose smut disease of wheat is controlled by Vitavax.

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