General Agriculture One Liner Part 35

# The direction from which the winds are corning called as is Wind ward side.


# Agronomic measures are used to reduce erosion where slope is is Less than 2%.


# Bench terracing is usually a practiced on slopes ranging from is 16-33 %.


# The highest award presented to an agricultural scientist in the Country is Rafi Ahmad Kidwai Award.


# Over the years the contribution of agriculture to Agrimantra GDP of Indian economy has been is Decreasing,


# In which five year plan ‘Agro climatic regional planning in India was initiating is 7th five year plan (1988).


# Nitrogen fixation in rice field is carried out by blue green algae with is fern Azolla.


# The pattern of planting which has maximum plant population is Cubodial pattern.


# Cultivations of such crops which lime different natural Agrimantra habit and competition is as Parallel cropping.


# The variety of which is resistant to all the three rusts is Choti lerma.


# Only One time a ratoon crop of sugarcane is advisable.


# Cultivation of two or more than crops of different heights simultaneously on a certain piece of land in a certain period is called is Multistoried cropping.

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