General Agriculture One Liner Part 29

# Major pea producing state of India is UP i.e. 46%.


# Pea showing area out of total swing are 4.6%.


# The term “Pest Management” was given by Geier in 1970.


# Father of Insect Physiology is Wiggelworth.


# DDT was discovered by Paul Hermann Muller.


# First insecticide discovered was DDT.


# The soils having more than 30 % organic matter is placed in Histosols.


# The indicator used in determination of organic carbon from soil is              Diphenyl amine.


# Electric conductivity of saturation extract of saline-sodic soil in more than 4.0 m mhos/cm.


# How much space is required for egg poultry is 2 sq. ft


# Severe bloat is removed by tools called Trocar cannula.


# Full hand method is the best method of milking. 


# Speed of Gerber centrifuge machine in fat test is 3000 rpm.


# Anthrax is also called as Splenic fever.


# Most chickens breeds have how many number of toes on each foot  Four.

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