PDF Notes - Agricultural Microbiology, 40 Topics

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PDF Notes - Agricultural Microbiology, 40 Topics
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PDF Notes - Agricultural Microbiology 40 Topics

Topics covered under this Module are as follows.

Anaerobic decay or decomposition
Bacterial Genetics
Bacteriophages - Structure and Properties of Bacterial Viruses
Beneficial microorganisms in Agriculture
Biodegradable Plastics
Biogas and Alcohol Production
Biological Nitrogen Fixation
Blue green algae and Azolla
Environmental Microbiology
Gene Expression
Genetic Engineering -Plasmids, Episomes
Genetically Modified Organism
Genetics of Nodulation and N Fixation
Germ Theory of Disease
History of Bioplastics
Interrelationship between microorganisms - Beneficial and harmful relationship
# Introduction to microbiology
Lytic and Lysogenic Cycles - Phage Multiplication Cycle
Methods of freezing
Microbes in Cheese and Yoghurt
Microbial Agents for Control of Plant Diseases
Microbial Metabolism - Autotrophs
Microbial Products
Microbial Transformation of Phosphorus and Sulphur
Microbial Transformations of Carbon
Microbial Transformations of Nitrogen
Microbiology of Food - Microbial Spoilage
Plant – Microbe Interactions
Preservation by Using Chemicals
Principles of Food Preservation
Protection Against Infections – II
Protection Against Infections
Soil Microbiology - Microbial Groups in Soil
Types of infection
Utility Biosensors for applications in Agriculture in Food or Fruit Quality Control