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Bullets Weed management: Here we will cover all basic one liner and notes for all agricultural subject to make you quick and crisp in General Agriculture.

Allelopathic Effect of Weeds

Allelopathic Effect of Weeds Allelopathy is the detrimental effects of chemicals or exudates produced by one (living) plant species on the germination, growth or development of another plant species (or even microorganisms) sharing the same habitat. Allelopathy does not form any aspect of crop-weed competition, rather, it causes Crop Weed interference, it includes competition as […]

Classification of Weeds Part 5

Classification of Weeds IX. Based on nature of stem Based on development of bark tissues on their stems and branches, weeds are classified as woody, semi-woody and herbaceous species.(a) Woody weeds: Weeds include shrubs and undershrubs and are collectively called brush weeds. Eg. Lantana camera, Prosopis juliflora (b) Semi-woody weeds: eg.Croton sparsiflorus (c) Herbaceous weeds: […]

Classification of Weeds Part 3

Classification of Weeds IV. Based on place of occurrence (a) Weeds of crop lands: The majority of weeds infests the cultivated lands and cause hindrance to the farmers for successful crop production. Eg. Phalaris minor in wheat (b) Weeds of pasture lands: Weeds found in pasture / grazing grounds. Eg. Indigofera enneaphylla (c) Weeds of […]

Classification of Weeds Part 2

Classification of Weeds II. Based on ecological affinities a. Wetland weeds They are tender annuals with semi-aquatic habit. They can thrive as well under waterlogged and in partially dry condition. Propagation is chiefly by seed. Eg. Ammania baccifera, Eclipta alba b. Garden land weeds (Irrigated lands) These weeds neither require large quantities of water like […]

Classification of Weeds Part 1

Classification of Weeds Out of 2,50,000 plant species, weeds constitute about 250 species, which are prominent in agricultural and non-agricultural system. Under world conditions about 30000 species is grouped as weeds. Classification of Weeds I. Based on life span Based on life span (Ontogeny), weeds are classified as Annual weeds, Biennial weeds and Perennial weeds. […]