Category: Agricultural Notes

Agricultural Notes: Here we will cover all basic one Liners and notes, For all agricultural subject to make you quick and crisp in General Agriculture knowledge.


SOIL ORIGIN and DEVELOPMENT SOILS are a SLOWLY RENEWABLE resource. It takes 100’s to 1000’s of YEARS for SOILS to  DEVELOP, but they do GROW, CHANGE, and DEVELOP over TIME. ROCKS, MINERALS and NUTRIENTS ROCK (solid bedrock of earth’s crust) is broken down to PARENT MATERIAL (smaller rocks) and through the process of WEATHERING is […]


SOIL RENEWABLE RESOURCE Soil is a slowly renewed resource that provides most of the nutrients needed for plant growth and also helps purify water. Soil formation begins when bedrock is broken down by physical, chemical and biological processes called weathering. Mature soils have developed over a long time are arranged in a series of horizontal […]

Crops and Cropping System

Crops and Cropping System Crops – plants carefully selected and developed over many years, sown on cultivated land to produce food for man and animals or raw materials. Wild Crops – plants which are not sown but come up naturally in cultivated land called wild seeds. Types of Crops and plants Bulb crop – short, […]