Animal science One Liner Part 3

# “Military dairy farm” started in is 1889 (Allahabad).


# “National livestock mission” launched in is 2014-15.


# “Doodh Basti” started in is 1946 (Mumbai).


# “Key Village scheme” started in is 1950-52.


# “Milk and milk product order” passed in is 1992.


# “Goshala Vikash yojna” started in is 1949.


# “Strengthening infrastructure for quality and clean milk production scheme” started in is October 2003.


# Ideal weight of egg is 57 gram.


# Moisture percent in hay is 15-18%.


# Moisture present in silage is 70%.


# Burdizzo’s Castrator used for Castration.


# Trocar and conula used for is Bloat.


# Cow’s milk is light Yellow or creamy colour due to is Carotene.


# White colour of cow’s milk due to presence of is Casein.


# Body temperature of hen is 107°F.

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