Soil science


Science PDF Book Chapter Wise:  Introduction to Soil Science

1. Pedological and Edaphological concepts: Download Chapter

2. Origin of the earth – Earth’s crust – Composition: Download Chapter

3. Rocks and minerals:  Download Chapter

4. Weathering – Soil formation factors and processes – Components of soils: Download Chapter

5. Soil formation factors and processes Download Chapter

6. Soil profile: Download Chapter

7. Soil physical properties: Download Chapter

8. Soil Structure -Classification: Download Chapter

9. Soil aggregates: Download Chapter 

10. Soil compaction, Soil Colour, Soil water: Download Chapter

11. Soil Water Retention: Download Chapter

12 Movement of soil water- Infiltration, percolation, permeability – Drainage:      Download Chapter

13. Thermal properties of soils: Download Chapter

14. Soil Colloids: Download Chapter

15. Layer silicate clays – Genesis and classification: Download Chapter

16. Adsorption of ions–Ion exchange: Download Chapter

17. Soil organic matter:  Download Chapter

18. Humus – Fractionation of organic matter: Download Chapter

19. Carbon Cycle: Download Chapter

20. soil –Soil Formation agriculture course pdf

1. Introduction to Soil Science. (SCHEM-4111)
2. Soil Chemistry, Soil fertility, and Nutrient Management. (SCHEM-4121)
3. Manures and Fertilizers. (SCHEM-4211)
4. Soil Survey, Land use planning, and Remote sensing. (SCHEM-4221)