Livestock Production And Management – ICAR ECourse PDF EBook

  1. Prelusion-Significance of livestock and poultry in Indian economy-Livestock and Poultry census – role of livestock and poultry in Indian agriculture.
  1. Various systems of livestock production-extensive – semi intensive- intensive mixed.
  1. Integrated Farming systems- Role of Livestock and Poultry, manure management methods, Duck/Fish/Rice Culture.
  1. Definition of breed-classification of indigenous, exotic cattle and buffaloes – Breed characteristics of Sindhi, Kangayam and Umblacherry, Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Murrah and Surti.
  1. Breeding- importance of cross breeding. Signs of estrous cycle-Artificial insemination merits and demerits.
  1. Housing management-farm site selection-space requirement for calves, heifer, milch animal and work bullocks-Type design of house.
  1. Systems of housing-Single row system-Double row system- head to head and tail to tail-merits and demerits.
  1. Care and management of new born calf and heifers.
  1. Care and management of pregnant, lactating animals and work bullocks.
  1. Milk-Definition – clean milk production-methods of milking – hand and machine milking. Preservatives and common adulterants of milk.
  1. Processing of milk-Cooling-Pasteurization-Definition-Various methods-Low Temperature Long Time, High Temperature Short Time and Ultra High Temperature-advantages and disadvantages.
  1. Nutrition-Definition-Ration-Balanced ration-Desirable characteristics of a ration.
  1. Requirement and importance of green fodder, carrying capacity and forage cycle.
  1. Diseases-classification-viral, bacterial and metabolic-General control and preventive measures.
  1. Viral diseases- Foot and Mouth- Bacterial diseaseanthrax, haemorrhagic septicemia and Black quarter- Metabolic- Tympanites, Ketosis and Milk fever. Mastitis and its control, Foot and Mouth Disease.
  1. Zoonotic diseases – prevention and control (Anthrax, Tuberculosis, Brucellosis, and Rabies)
  1. Sheep and Goat Farming –Classification of Breeds of Indian and exotic origin-nomenclature alone.
  1. Systems of rearing-Housing management- Type design- Floor diagram-Space Requirement for adult and young stock.
  1. Care and management of ram, ewe and lamb- Nutrition Feeds and fodder for small Ruminants.
  1. Care and Management of Buck, DOE and kid- Nutrition Flushing.
  1. Common ailments of sheep and goat-Sheep pox-Foot and Mouth-Blue tongue- Enterotoxaemia – Ecto and Endo parasites.
  1. Swine Husbandry –Common breeds of exotic origin-nomenclature alone housing of pigs.
  1. Care and management of Sow, Boar and Piglets-Nutrition- Creep feeding. Control and prevention of swine diseases –Hog cholera, Foot and mouth, Ecto and Endoparasites.
  1. Classification of poultry viz. layer, broiler and dual purpose- Nomenclature of commercial layer and broiler strains.
  1. Care and management of day old chicks-Brooder management.
  1. Systems of housing- Deep litter and cage systems – merits and demerits.
  1. Raised Platform housing- Floor space Requirement- Litter Management.
  1. Care and management of layers.
  1. Care and management of broilers.
  1. Poultry Nutrition-Feed formulation-composition of chick mash grower, layer, broiler starter and finisher mashes.
  1. Feed Conversion Ratio / dozen eggs or kilogram of meat. Marketing channels in poultry-Integration.
  1. Classification of Poultry diseases-Viral-Bacterial-Protozoan- causative organisms, symptoms and prevention – Viral diseases – Ranikhet disease – Infectious bursal disease.
  1. Bacterial diseases-E.coli-Coryza-Salmonellosis-Protozoan–Coccidiosis casuative organism – symptoms and preventive measures. Nutritional deficiency diseases and its control.

Livestock Production and Management

This course is designed for students with an interest in animal science and will focus on livestock. You will work in the animal lab to better explore animal care and management. Through lectures, labs, and hands-on activities, you will explore animal breeds, reproduction, digestion, housing, and anatomy. In this course, the animals that we will focus on Rabbits, Dairy, Beef, and Swine. 

General Course Documents:

Course Outline:

  1. Terminology – A look at different livestock terminology (Notes)+
  2. History – A look at the changes in Agriculture over time (Notes)
  3. Grazing – Learn about Rotational Grazing and the prevention of overgrazing
  4. Housing and Management – A look at the specific needs of Animals (Notes and Management Techniques)
  5. Study Guide
  1. Holy Cow – An introduction to cows
  2. Dairy Production – An overview of the Dairy Industry (Notes and Vocabulary)
  3. Dairy Farm Virtual Tour (Link and Worksheet)
    1. On Ipad – open up “Puffin” App
    2. Put Farm Food 360 in search bar
  4. Dairy Breeds – A look at the common breeds of Dairy Cattle in the US
  5. Anatomy – Learn the parts of the Dairy Cow (Notes)
  6. Dairy Products – Examine the production of different dairy products (Notes and Modern Marvels: Milk)
    1. GIGI The Cow Article
  7. Byproducts – Discover different Bovine byproducts by creating collage
  1. Beef Industry – An introduction to the Beef Industry (Notes)
  2. Beef Breeds – A look at several common beef breeds (Website)
  3. Cuts of Meat – Learn the locations of different cuts of meat  (Lesson)
  4. (ZIP Article) (Twenty-Nine Ways to Love Lean Beef)
  5. Dr. Temple Grandin – Learn about the impact of Dr. Grandin’s research (Video)
  6. BOVINE Review
    1. Study Guide
    2. Quizlets
  1. Divine Swine – A look at swine terminology and history of swine production
  2. Swine Industry – An overview of the swine industry and different swine breeds (swine_notes.pptx)
  3. Pork – A look at cuts of meat (Quizlet)
  4. Swine Breeds (Article) (Quizlet)
  5. swine byproducts (Video)
  6. Notches – Examine ear notching practices
  1. Rabbits – Learn about the History, Classification, and reasons Rabbits are raised. (article rabbits_reading.doc)
  2. Breeds – Learn about a few different breeds of rabbits (Puzzle and Research)
  3. Genetics – Bunny Genetics Project – Create a bunny using genetics and punnett squares (Notes)
  4. Hares vs. Rabbits – Read the article and complete a Venn Diagram Comparing Hares and Rabbits
  5. Anatomy –
  • Quizlet (Use on desktop not app:  Link –  quizlet.com/228189433/rabbit-anatomy-diagram/)
  • Puzzles – Difficult   Easy
  1. Introduction – Review the Digestive System; Vocabulary (Video)
  2. Diagrams – Notes and Identify Diagrams of the Digestive System (Notes)
  3. Ruminants – Model and Game
  4. Nutrition – Notes
  5. Feeding Frenzy – Feed Calculations
  6. Mu0026amp;M Rations
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